Informational Glossary

6 Traits Glossary

Conventions & Presentation: Skills using punctuation, spelling, grammar, capitalization, paragraphing and design to enhance readable and meaning to a writers informational text.

Ideas: The writer's main message together with all the details that support or expand that message.

Organization: The design and internal structure guiding the reader through a discussion, explanation or a story.
Sentence Fluency: Rhythm and flow, the music and poetry of language, the use of flowing words. 

Voice: The writers words which keep the reader's attention and see or understand the author's words.

Word Choice: Words or phrases which clarify meaning, create images or impression in the reader's mind.

Memo: The wording used in 6 Traits defines the characteristics which allow the writer, reader and teacher to use the same language during the writing process and rubrics to revise or edit an author's piece.  Students use dictionaries, glossaries and indexes to help guide their use to explicit and descriptive words. 


Spandel, V. (2013). Creating Writers: 6 Traits, Process, Workshop, and Literature. Pearson Publishing.

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