Short Work: Writing with E.L.L's

Writing With English Language Learners

Dialogue Journals

April 21, 2016, Erica; Me and my mom had a great time Six Flags Saturday. We rode the water log and the mine train.  And we had a good weekend.  thank you Mrs. J. Erica

April 24, 2016, Mrs. Jones: Did your younger brother Jesus and sister Janie go also?  The last time Mr. Jones and I went to Six Flags we stood in line for the Spiderman roller coaster for 30 minutes.  What foods did you enjoy?  We got there early and stayed until the park closed at 10 P.M.  How long did your family stay at the park?

April 26, 2016, Erica: Mrs. J. we all got to go to Six Flags.  I ate hot dogs, frosty drink with coke me family had alot of food all day.  I was too full. Me Jesus and Janie  rode the coaster five time   We are going back tomorrow night for the water it is so hot.  Erica

April 27, 2016, Mrs. Jones: Hi Erica, Your family must have bought season tickets for Six Flags. How did you like the milking demonstration yesterday during the learning project for domestic animals.  What was the best part of the program.  I especially enjoyed the calves the dairy has for all of you students to pet.  Mrs. J.

April 29, 2016 Erica:  Hi Mrs. Jones!  I was so very excite to see the cow babies  calfs. I am drawing a picture today for you.  they were very cute and the cows are nice. Erica

April 30, 2016 Mrs. Jones: Erica, your drawing of the cow from yesterday is excellent!   The ears are just like the cows from yesterday.  Her face with a nose ring gives her a different view. Drawing animals comes very easy for you. Mrs. Jones.

May 3, 2016 Erica: Mrs. Jones, I love draun animals like cows, pigs and dogs. Me have a drawing pad at school me us in art with Mrs. Kingsolver!  I loved her ring!  Erica

May 6, 2016 Mrs. Jones:  Erica, you are a wonderful artist!  You must illustrate more of your writing in your writing collection. Drawing is something I get to do on the weekends when I am at home, out in the yard or in town. Have you entered a drawing in the gallery at Central Office.  That art show is the third week of May.   Mrs. Jones

May 8, 2016 Erica:  Mrs. Kingsolver is entering my clay piece of a pig I molded.  She sent a note to my parents about the art show.  Me so exsited about the show.  And will you get to see my pig?  John has a drawing, and Jesus to.   Erica

May 11, 2016 Mrs. Jones:  Erica, I can not wait to see John, Jesus and your art work!  I expect an invitation for the event.  I am very proud of all of my student's art work.  Mrs. Jones

Memo- Dialogue journals are shared between English Language Learners and their teachers with discussions on student interests and responding or questioning by the teacher.  The craft of the learner acquires the vocabulary and sentence structures of the teacher using the learned style in responding to the teacher. 


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